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22 December 2005 @ 12:40 am
Hey guys, it's Yotan here with the first post of this here little community.

Just testing everything out before we open the doors. ^_^

Aya and Omi still don't have livejournals. Damn them and their lives. Anyway...Kenken does, and just has to join.

Who the hell am I even talking to? Like hell I'm giving this comm out to the unruly hoardes of fangirls. Heh. Anyway...

Welcome to Sticky Note Central! XD

What do you guys think of the place. I screwed around in photoshop with a few of our pictures. And a random poem thing I liked. Heh.
Arrangement of the Moment:: accomplished
Sounds of the Flowershop:: Aya and Ken arguing..of course.