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16 January 2006 @ 01:47 am
Update on the Guys!  
So anyway, I figure if anybody is lurking on this community, I'd let them know how we're doing.

Ken's still making flipbooks while Aya tries to hide them. It's an ongoing war.

Omi's been out of commision for the last few days. Poor chibi's been hospitialized because he was in a moped accident. The fangirls about had a fit when they found that out. He's fine, they'll be releasing him in the next week or so. And then the kid is getting a damned livejournal.

This sticky note crap has gone on long enough. And besides...it only works if we're in the kitchen or by the phone in the shop. Otherwise, I could go a couple days without seeing the notes.

Oh course, I may be the only one of that opinion. *shrug* Who knows?
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